Monday, October 18, 2010

Jean Blanket

Ever since my mother made my oldest brother a jean blanket years and years ago he has been collecting for another one. He LOVEs jean blankets. So for his 30th birthday I secretly took his stash and put one together. I cut the jeans into rectangles because it seemed cooler than the standard squares and also maybe less time consuming. Most of the jeans I cut into 8 inch wide rectangles and made them however long I could. Some of the jeans were smaller and I had to cut them 6 inches instead. The back I did in corduroy I found 40% off at Joanns. The middle section is made of three of my brother's favorite old shirts he had given to me in order to make into a t-shirt blanket for myself. I also used batting in the middle and tied it all together with yarn ties throughout. I think the finished blanket turned out to be about 5ish by 5 1/2ish feet. I'm not really sure.
I loved how it turned out and actually it didn't seem like that much work all together. I think I'm going to have to make one for Hubby and me now.


  1. NICE WORK Gina! Marianne made jean blankets for all her kids several years ago.

  2. I love jean blankets! I have two from my mom and am collecting again for another one! Maybe I'll send it your way :)