Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Kitchen Wall

I have this huge, ugly wall opposite my long, skinny kitchen. We live in an old house which was turned into a four-plex apartment building. Needless to say our kitchen was not meant to be a kitchen. It was meant to be a hallway. So half of the hallway became a kitchen and half became a huge, ugly space that needed some attention. Here is my quick and (almost) free solution. A recipe wall...

And a daily planning wall. The "dry-erase board" was the only thing that actually cost anything. I bought a couple of dry-erase markers and I had to buy one piece of scrapbooking paper, but that was it!
The frames I got free from a friend who moved away and I used black construction paper to border each of the recipes. By the way, the recipes I chose to include were: chocolate chip cookies, chicken tortilla soup, peach cobbler, sweet cornbread, and chicken tetrazzini. All family favorites.


  1. like your erase board and that huge wall

    See my board leave me a message with what you think...

  2. This is absolutely the best idea I've seen for a wall. I will def be using this is idea in our office area! I love it.