Sunday, February 6, 2011

a Dog Pillow

My dog has this terrible bed we bought for her after we first got her. And she loves it. I do not. It is brown and lifeless and never looks clean. We also had this HUGE cuddle bag I bought my hubby secondhand for really cheap made out of foam bits...
Big huh? She also loved that bag. But it turned out way too big to fit into our apartment and so we decided to dismantle it. Most of the foam we threw away, but a lot of it we kept for ourselves in trash bags. And that eight foot long cuddle bag became a perfect sized pillow for our little puppy.

I made this pillow by first sewing a simple square pillow out of a cheap sheet and filled it with the foam. Then I sewed an envelope pillow using the fabric from the original cuddle bag. I wanted it to be easily removed for washing and that fabric is great because it really is heavy duty and cleans beautifully. And if ever I get tired of the fabric I'll just make another cover for the pillow. easy peasy. And almost completely free (I think I spent 3 dollars for the sheet at walmart and didn't even use half of the material).

And you know what? She loves it just as much as the ugly one.

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