Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feeling Renewed

There's something about fall. I get giddy every year just thinking about this special time of year. I feel renewed. I feel energetic and ready to just do more. I get the itch to craft, fill my freezer full of food, and make warm things for my family to wear. This year has been no different. I have already crocheted several hats and completed some projects I had been putting off.

One of my first projects was something to beautify my front door.

I started with a straw wreath from JoAnn's for less than $3. I left the plastic wrap on the wreath and then covered it with strips of muslin about 3 inches thick. I didn't tie or glue anything. Just kept wrapping and tucking the ends under itself. Then I ripped up some old t-shirts and hot glued together the rosettes in random sizes. I used one little pin inserted in the middle of each of them to secure to the wreath so that it would be easy to change up with the different seasons.

The only thing I bought was the wreath (I'm trying to use up my mountain of crafting supplies) and the whole project was so quick and easy to do even with the distraction of the little one.

I am so glad it is fall.

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