Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Crown

We had a wonderful little party for my (baby) girl the other day to celebrate her first birthday. It was very simple: food, cake, presents, and family. We all had so much fun and I was glad we were able to pull it together at the last minute.
One thing I knew my little girl needed for her birthday was a crown. Every little girl needs a crown on her birthday don't you think?
All you need to make a crown of your own is two layers of felt, one layer of cute material, thread, velcro, and embellishments. I started by free-hand drawing the shape I wanted the crown to be. You could do this too or I know there are templates around blogland you could also find and use. Cut out a piece of felt giving yourself a 1/4 inch border and adding a long strip on the base of the crown long enough to velcro the crown in place in the back of your child's head. From end to end mine was 20.5 inches long for my one year old.
Using the cut felt as a pattern piece, cut out your cotton material. Then, placing right sides together,  sew these two pieces together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance sewing all the way around except for the entire bottom length of the crown.
Turn right side out and sew the bottom closed. It should now look like a crown. Sew or glue on your embellishment over the bottom seam to hide the raw edge.
Then I cut a 'J' out of felt and sewed it in the middle of the crown for my daughter's first initial. You could also use a number for their age or something cute like a ladybug.
Cut a small piece of velcro and sew it on one of the long ends of the crown on the cotton material side.
Now take your crown and use it as a template to cut one more piece of felt. Cut a larger piece of velcro (make sure it is the opposite piece to the velcro you already sewed on) and sew it onto the felt on the opposite side of the crown from your first piece of velcro. You will then glue the felt to the back of the crown covering up all of your sewing and giving sturdiness to the entire project.
Now hopefully your daughter won't spend the entire night trying to pull her crown off her cute little head and you'll be able to get some memorable photos.

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  1. Fantastic, this is just what I was looking for for my daughter's first birthday :) I love how well you coordinated yours with your daughter's outfit!