Monday, November 7, 2011

Wreath Redo: Birthday

I have changed up my door ornament once again. This time it is in honor of my little one turning one. I think I have been in denial about her growing up because I waited until the last minute to even plan anything for her party. Luckily I already had her present tucked away months ago and it wasn't something I was planning on making. I bought her a little wooden train handmade in Kentucky that I just couldn't pass up at a farmer's market I visited.

First things first I needed to work on the wreath to replace my Halloween decor. I started by wrapping my wreath with some white lace and then a pastel pink fabric.
The white flower was rolled using hot glue and a one inch strip of fabric. The purple flowers were 2 and 1.25 inch circles hot glued together.

The banner was made by cutting a two inch wide strip of the white fabric and cutting out triangles using my rotary blade and straight ruler every two inches. I wrote 'Happy Birthday' using a purple permanent marker which bled a lot more than expected, but I kind of liked the result so I kept it. I crocheted a long chain of yarn and then went back up the chain with hdc to make the 'rope' for my banner.
I pinned the rope to my wreath and pinned my letters into place to get the spacing just right. One by one I then removed the pin and hot glued each letter to the yarn rope.
The final flower I crocheted out of the same purple yarn used for the rope.
Around here we celebrate birthday weeks (and sometimes birthday months). Let the celebrating begin :)

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