Friday, December 16, 2011

Magazine Christmas Tree

I had another craft night at my church and this time we made a Christmas decoration. Martha Stewart has a video tutorial of how to do this and I love how instead of spray paint, she covered hers with spray adhesive and glitter.
I made this miniature magazine tree out of an old National Geographic magazine and it is done simply by folding in every single page and then spray painting it if you want.

Martha Stewart's version is a little more complicated than what we came up with at craft night. Here's how we switched it up a bit:
 First, fold your page all the way into the center fold of the magazine.
 Do this a second time.
Then either fold the remaining flap up so that the bottom is now flat or fold it under so it is tucked in nice and tightly.
I just folded all of mine up and I didn't have any problems with it looking too sloppy.
Also I found that it makes a great picture/card holder and I am thinking it would be cute with a red pom pom on top... oh the possibilities!

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