Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet Little Valentine

I came up with this sweet little valentine to give to a couple of women in my life along with a cute little hairclip for my little one.
Start by cross stitching a heart on a pretty little piece of fabric. I used three strands of red embroidery thread (Usually embroidery thread is composed of 6 individual strands... cut a length of thread and pull the rope apart into two ropes of 3 strands each). If you've never cross stitched before, it is easy enough. Just sew a bunch of x's using an embroidery hoop.
Use a button covering kit to cover 1 1/8 inch buttons. My button kit came with buttons with flat backs so it was easy to then simply hot glue a 1 inch pin to the backs.
If your buttons do not have flat backs, like my 5/8 inch button, it is really simple to squeeze the back off with pliers.
To make an easy hair clip, fill the back of a 5/8 inch button with hot glue and stick the end of the hair clip in it.
 Stick the hair clip in a cute head of hair and you are done. Easy enough.
Each of the pins I attached to card stock to finish up my little gift. The easiest way to do this would be if you had a printer, paper cutter, corner rounder, and hand held hole puncher. I don't have any of these things so I went about it the old-fashioned way. The card stock I cut out using a ruler and scissors and then rounded the corners also using scissors. I only have a 3-hole punch so it limits where I can put my holes, but still works. If you have a working printer you could print right onto your card stock using some cute fonts. Mine is broken so handwritten it is.
 Happy crafting!

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