Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Basket

It is April and Easter is almost here. Last year my daughter was only a couple of months old and missed out on the festivities. I think this year she'll be old enough to "hunt" for her own eggs. So of course I had to come up with a cute basket for her to hold all her goodies in! Here is my free-to-me solution:
I started with this basket I have had sitting around forever that a friend donated to me.
I didn't like the existing gold ribbon so I replaced it with this thick white lace trim using a little hot glue here and there to keep it from slipping off. I also added thin pink ribbon with hot glue around the body of the basket.
Finally I added a bunch of rosettes over the ribbon seam. I am pretty sure most of the rosettes were made from old t-shirts.
I can't wait to see this little basket in action!

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