Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Photo Book

I put together this little photo album for my daughter to flip through when I need her quietly occupied. It is a compilation of mostly pictures of her, but also pictures of my husband and I as children and of course, a few pictures of our dog.
It wasn't important for this to be a high-quality keepsake. My main goal was to complete the book quickly. I did go through the extra effort to add labels to each photo using picasa, but I made sure it was a very quick process. 
I cropped every photo to be oriented the same way even if it made the picture awkward so that it would be easier for my 1 year old to flip through and look at each picture at the correct angle.
The flip book cost me a dollar at walmart and was meant to hold 24 pictures. Using the front and back sleeve you could easily fit in an extra 4. I left the very back blank so I ended up with 27 total photos. My cover photo was a 4x6 just like the others, but I then cut it down slightly to show the existing backdrop.
As evidence of her little fingers being in practically every photo, my daughter loves her book. (Who doesn't love looking at themselves?) I want to make another one featuring extended family members and one showcasing the letters of the alphabet. Such an easy and rewarding "craft".

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  1. This is a great idea! I have been meaning to do something like this for Joseph.