Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Headband

With a quick trip to Idaho in the works I managed to squeeze in the time to make a headband for my daughter to wear on Easter Sunday.
I started with a pre-made stretchy headband and added some bias tape with hot glue to make a base for the clippie to attach.
Using a free pattern I crocheted this super quick little flower. To the original chain 27, I added a few extra chains in order to make a slightly larger flower.
 To the back of the flower I hot glued a metal clip and then hot glued a felt circle on top of that.
Complete! And very cute. Too bad my daughter refused to wear the headband, but thank goodness the removable clippie worked either way.
I think my daughter has gone long enough without a bunch of mama-made hair accessories. With how easy this whipped up I think I'll be up for making more to go with every outfit.

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