Friday, October 21, 2011

Candle Centerpiece

For some reason I am more excited about this Halloween than I usually am. Maybe everything is just more exciting with a kid around. 
Anyway I had the idea to put this Halloween themed thing together one day while waiting around for the plumber to vacate my house. All the materials I had on hand except for the candle which I think was about $4 at Sears. It started as a way to use up this old candy corn from last year that hubby bought and turned out to be awful. (By the way, I found two more bags of the stuff later. I swear it is multiplying.)
I added some rubber snakes I bought at a yard sale and figured that for 50 cents this bag of creatures could come in handy at times. The black material around the vase is a sleeve I cut out of an old long-sleeved sweater. I didn't glue it on because I want to be able to reuse the vase and the sleeve ended up being the perfect size to fit snuggly around it.
I hot glued the orange flower onto the sleeve which I already had made as a leftover from my wreath. Then I added my candle and I was done.
Done until I later decided to cutout felt bats to tape all over the wall my table sits against. Now I am done. A little Halloween decorating on a budget. Now if I could just think of what to do with the rest of the candy corn.

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