Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Letter

One night after my little girl had gone to bed and hubby was out of town for work I was surfing blog land and found this. I immediately wanted to try it out and found my supplies around the house. First I took apart my picture board to shorten it a bit which I had been needing to do anyway. It was made out of cheap particle board. The end that I chopped off I hand-drew a J for my daughter's initial.
I couldn't find hubby's box cutter (which would have been perfect) so I opted for an old knife.
The board kind of disintegrated and it was really hard to make clean lines so therefore I ended up losing the bar on top of my J but I just went with it. Then I cozied up in front of the television and began wrapping until I ran out of yarn.
On the back I attached a ribbon using straight pins. Which turned out to be a good thing because later I needed to shorten it when I mounted the picture board a little high.
The end. One more thing to warm up the nursery.

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  1. I saw these on a blog the other day and have really been wanting to try them! It turned out so well!