Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Match My Ladybug

 This year my little girl is dressing up as a ladybug for Halloween and I've been trying to come up with some simple costumes for hubby and me to accompany her. Finally I came across these tutorials and knew the sunflower "hat-ette" would be perfect for me. 
 I started with a cardboard circle just over 6 inches across. And glued some dark brown felt around it. (The felt was cocoa felt from JoAnns I bought a quarter yard for $0.37 and had plenty left over)
 Then I cut a pattern piece petal out of cardboard that I free-handed. (This 9x12 sheet of goldenrod felt set me back $0.25 also from JoAnns)
 Thirty-six pinched and glued petals later I had the beginnings of my sunflower. I made this flower out of the same dark brown felt and topped it on several circles of brown tulle. (I used all of the 1/8 yard of coffee matte tulle I bought from JoAnns for $0.09)
I glued another circle of brown felt onto the bottom of the sunflower and then glued a small strip onto that to slide my headband through. (The headband was also from JoAnns for $0.99 and is 5/8 inch wide)
I think it turned out so cute and it was easy enough to make. Some parts were fairly tedious, but sitting infront of the television with hubby while working on this helped with the monotony.


  1. That turned out great! I love it.

  2. Это очень красиво!
    Попробую сделать так же.

    1. Ha! Well I can't read Russian, but thank goodness for google translate! Thanks for your comment and good luck on your own