Monday, October 3, 2011

My Living Room Wall(s)

Another project using this flat black spray paint I like so much. I have collected quite a few frames from second-hand sources and a couple I bought full-priced. The frames that weren't already black, I painted. I even painted some of the paper boarders that came with some of the frames.
I am falling in love with spray paint. It works up a project so quickly.
I stained my grass, but it disappeared surprisingly quickly. Next time I would use towels or a sheet or something because the grass and leaves got in my way a little and was a bit annoying.
I love this huge wall of pictures. Our ceilings are so tall which created this huge blank wall. I was able to fill it up pretty nicely with all of these frames.
btw, when printing out the pictures, I found that Costco by far was the cheapest especially for my larger, poster-sized prints. And they printed in about an hour at no extra cost.

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